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  • Jamie, I just wanted to send you an email concerning some comments that I would like to make about your products and the service surrounding it. The first thing that I must press forward is the quality of the product that is being made for us, it is a quality unmatched by other manufacturers, meanwhile, superiorly priced to match. Every one of my customers that try on clothing or touch and feel the items are always overly impressed by what is in front of them. As a result, they usually always buy the product on the spot which obviously is resulting in much higher sales figures. The second point I must make is the level of service created by both you and Jane. You two have always done everything in your power to ensure that we always had the opportunity to purchase new items, take advantage of seasonal sales, as well as any clearance items you may currently be pushing. I have to say the service has been overly exemplary during the entire time you have been chosen to make products for Mitsubishi Motors. Finally, I have been overly impressed by the in-person visits made, showing my staff and myself the actual products that are to be released well beforehand, therefore, giving us the chance to budget and purchase accordingly. We never have had anyone dedicate that sort of time and effort to fly/drive all the way from across the country just to talk to us, show us new items incoming, talk to us about our needs and wants, and try to adjust accordingly. I must say….that is customer service!!! Overall, I thought this email was completely necessary and warranted, and I personally wanted to pass along this message for you and your staff. Keep up the great work and I am personally and sincerely very excited to working with you in 2009 as well.

    Kregg Christie West Side Mitsubishi
  • The inclusion of the FAST EDDIE line of wearables and race wear has been a very successful partnership for Wakefield Canada. Our company has been incorporating this line of clothing for many years and the results have been fantastic to date for BOTH Wakefield Canada AND our customers. FAST EDDIE Race Wear offers a complete line of racewear and wearables with a price point that is extremely competitive. The addition of the FAST EDDIE line of wearables and race wear has allowed Wakefield Canada to fully maximize the well known brand name of Castrol. In everything from crew shirts, jackets, pants and hats, the response from our customers has been fantastic. The service, representation and product support has been extremely solid and professional. In short, the partnership with FAST EDDIE Race Wear has certainly exceeded our expectations and we look to a mutually beneficial relationship going forward. I can confidently recommend FAST EDDIE Race Wear as a solid and reliable supplier and partner!

    Robert Skaggs Western Region Wakefield Canada Inc.
  • Hi Tony – just wanted to send a quick note to say “THE HATS LOOK GREAT” we have been getting a lot of compliments on them, that’s for sure. The credit though, really goes to you and your group – we were extremely impressed with the creativity and professionalism that your group provided and wanted to send our sincerest thanks for that – we look forward to working with you again in the future. Have a great day.

    Vikki Drake Contracting Ltd.
  • Hi Stephanie- just wanted to say the masks that Fast Eddie’s custom-designed for us are amazing. All our customers and everyone that our drivers come into contact with comment on how good they look. Also from wearing them myself, they are extremely comfortable to wear because of the way they are designed. At Fleetway Transport, we only have our stuff made by Fast Eddie’s. It starts with the great customer service when we order, right down to the quality of the product.

    Fleetway Transport

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